Mommy Little Emergency Kit

Since moving to California, we often go on day trips to the beach, to visit new places, in the beginning I always felt like I was missing something, or it took me twice as long to prepare my bag, just because I had to gather everything up, and then I would always forget something. So after a few weeks of that, I found nice cosmetic bag, to store everything I needed.

Here is what I have in my bag:

  1. Hand cream, my hands get so dry, especially with the soap in the public restrooms. I need had cream with me at all times.
  2. Ibuprophen, I often get headaches, and the man too, this saved us very often. With kids you never when ones going to be sick it’s good to be prepared. (I have the adults and kids in the same bottle)
  3. Lip balm, my lips get chapped in the winter so I must keep a lip balm with me at all times.
  4. Gravol ( for motion sickness), the Peanut, gets car sick, this comes in handy.
  5. A little coin purse, with hair ties, for my Peanut and my self. My hair gets stringy and greasy throughout the day, so I like having hair ties and bobby pins with me in case I need to throw it up in a quick top knot.
  6. Hydrasense, nasal care, for when your nose is a stuffy in the winter or with seasonal allergies.
  7. Wipes, with kids, this is a necessity, even when they aren’t in diapers anymore. You never know when a mess will appear.
  8. Hand Sanitizer, because sometimes you don’t have access to a sink to wash your hands.
  9. Facial tissue, this goes without saying, it should all be in our bags.
  10. Band-aids, we all know when kids are playing around, someone often scrapes a body part.
  11. Poly-go, to put on before the band-aid.


I hope this inspires you to put together your own purse emergency kit, and if you do please comment below and let me know what items are in yours!


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