Flowers and gardens

This is a little post on my yard and garden. The spring comes early in California. With all the rain we’ve had this winter, makes me think that it was worth the wait for all these blooming flowers.

I have a little lemon tree, that my mom while visiting save the life of it. The pot was not draining properly so the roots were rotting. Here it is now, with bloom all over the branches.


We also have really big and colorful Laurier. These bloom all summer long and have deep green leaves.


We also have very odorant Jasmine bushes, these smell soooo good, everytime we come down the pathway, I am overwhelmed by the smell.


Last year when we moved in, the whole yard was full if weeds, 3-4 feet high. We have worked really hard, and are still working on it, but we are getting there. There was a really good sale on mulch last week at Lowes and I bought 15 bags, it should cover about half of the front yard ;).


This was a post sponsored by California Spring, and the beautiful blooms.

I also have this picture to show you, it is not from my yard, but I come down this street everyday, when picking up the kids from school. And everyday I am amazed at the beauty of this.


Hope you enjoyed looking at the flowers, I just never get tired of looking at them.


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