April on my iPhone

Another month has gone by, the weather is getting better, so we have been going out more. Here are our pictures from the month of April.

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The month of April, was much slower paced than March was, but it was also the start of the nice weather.

  • We started our month with a girls day out at Fairyland in Oakland, with some friends, and we had an amazing time. The next day we went to San Francisco, to go to the Off the Grid PicNic, but we got there too late, so we went walking around in the Cow Hollow neighborhood, and we visited our new little friend, Aurelie.
  • That week, was open house at school, we were able to see what the kiddos have done in school.
  • With the beautiful weather upon us, I planted some seeds (more to come on that…) and separated my succulent plants.
  • The following week was the kids Spring Break so we had few activities planned. We went to the park in San Jose with our friends, and did some ceramic painting. the next day went to Happy Hollow Park and mini golfing, and on Friday we went to the farm, and visited more animals.
  • We had the first beautiful and very warm weather of the season, so of course we had to go to the beach, and Santa Cruz was our place of choice, we decided on Natural Bridges State Beach it was not to far, and nice little beach. We had such a great time.
  • The next day another beautiful day, but not as warm and very windy, so it was an exploration day, the last time we had been across the bridge it was poring rain, so wanted to see it in the blue skies and sun. We visited the Marine Mammal Centre, and learned so much about the wildlife on the California Coast. After our visit we were headed to Sausalito, which is a very nice little town, across the bridge, with beautiful views of San Francisco, I still haven’t seen the house boats, but my day will come.
  • During that week The Peanut started her soccer lessons. I think watching her brother play since she was a baby, has made her a good player, we were really amazed by her skills.
  • That Friday was EarthDay, the school had beautiful day planned at the park, but it was poring rain, I decided to stay home with the kids, and seems like we had an art class going on here.
  • The last day of the month, was another beautiful warm day, so to the beach we went. We wanted to see the beautiful sunset, so we went later in the afternoon, had fun in the water, and after supper came back for the sunset. If we could we would do that every night, it is so beautiful. For sure we will have more days like that over the course of the summer.

Hope you enjoyed a little piece inside our lives here in California. We still feel a little on vacation here.


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