Cinco de Mayo Inspiration

Cinco de Mayo is not a popular holiday in Canada, but seems much  more important in the US. But I wanted to show  you a little Mexican inspiration, it is so colorful and inspiring, I couldn’t resist. All you really need to celebrate Cinco de Mayo are margaritas, friends, and some guacamole. It’s not hard to pull together a quick party. If you want to throw together some Mexican-style decor as a bonus, here are some fun ideas:

Why is Cinco de Mayo celebrated, the holiday actually celebrates the Mexican victory over the French at the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862. The Mexican army won the battle despite being smaller and ill-equipped. Today, Cinco de Mayo is not that important in Mexico it is mainly celebrated in the state of Puebla. In Mexico, the Independence Day celebrations of September 16 represent that nation’s most important national holiday.

Dinner Party Ideas, in terms of the menu, Cinco de Mayo is very DIY-friendly, as in, let your guests do the work. I love the idea of a make-your-own taco bar – provide the taco shells or tortillas, meat and fixings, or maybe you would rather have a more formal approche…

  1. Taco Bar –
  2. Chic Dinner party – and
  3. Fiesta Party –


For a centerpiece idea, or an accent piece on the taco bar buffet, I love the idea of using a salsa can as a vase or even a beer bottle!

  1. Corona Flower Vase –
  2. Succulents and Flowers – and
  3. Cactus in tin cans –


Cinco de Mayo desserts

  1. Majestic cake –
  2. Sombrero cookies –
  3. Fiesta cake and cupcakes –


Cocktails and mocktails, keeping with the DIY you could have a Margarita Bar, or emptying those Corona bottle with frosty Bulldogs.

  1. Margarita bar –
  2. Aqua Fresca –
  3. Frosty Mexican Bulldog –


I wish this will put you in a fiesta kind of mood.





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