DIY Iced Coffee

In the recent years I have gotten like and appreciate coffee, and in summer iced coffee. Thanks you Starbucks for getting me addicted! With Pinterest I have found how to make my own iced coffee, from home, you don’t even need a coffee machine.


Here is my recipe to make your own iced coffee concentrate. Once you have your concentrate it’s super easy, you just have to pour 1 part concentrate and 2 to 3 parts water and/or milk. I usually do 1 part coffee, 1 part water and 1 part milk. And add sugar and ice to your preference.

1 cup of coarse grind coffee
4 cups of water

– In a  big container mix together coffee and water. Leave on the counter for 12 to 24hrs.
– Voilà, the next day your concentrate is ready. If you have a french press coffee maker, pour the liquide in and filter the coffee grinds. If not find another container and use paper towels in a sieve.
– The concentrate will be good for about a week in the refrigerator.


Cold press iced coffee is very easy to use, you can always have a big batch of ready made Iced coffee, instead of waiting for your coffee to cool down.
If you find your iced coffee to diluted with regular ice cube, you can try putting coffee in iced cube trays, and use these ice cubes in your iced coffee the next time.


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