May on my iPhone

The month of May was a little more quite than the other months. The flowers are in full bloom here, it is pretty I can’t help taking a lot of pictures, every time I’m out.

Here are is what’s in my phone from May.

Here are all the blooming beautiful flowers from my phone. Told you I can’t get enough…

We started the month at the Off the Grid picnic, in Presidio Park.


It was Multi-Cultural festival at school, we made our Canada table. I took notes of what to do next year. We went to our 1st Farmer’s Market of the year.

Having fun with Snapchat!

Field trip at the Oakland zoo with the Kindergarden class. We celebrated Coco’s birthday at the park with his friends and the next day we went to Santa Cruz and went on some rides.


We needed to go to San Francisco to get some paperwork done, we took advantage of that trip to visit Hayes Valley.

We geeked out and went to the Bay Area’s Maker’s Faire.

For Spirit Week we decked out and made our hero costume.

For Memorial Weekend, we had the dance recital and Coco’s last hockey tournament of the season, no pics of the tournament because I stayed here with the Peanut for the recital.


Hope you enjoyed a little piece inside our lives here in California. This was pretty much a quite month with a little activities here and there.


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