Summer ideas

Here are some ideas for this summer. Lunches, drinks and things to do.


Let’s start with drinking water, it’s a fact most of us, don’t drink enough water. I try to drink more water, and sometimes what helps, is having a variety of flavors in my water. Here are ideas of what I like to add in my water.

You can add a slice of lime, mint leaves, strawberries. Try mixing all of these together. Different flavors you can also try are: Raspberry-Mint, Blueberry-Lime, Lemon-Cucumber and Strawberry-Basil.

Lunch ideas

My 2 favorite things right now are, avocado and smoked salmon. So if i’m having lunch alone, I love me some Avo on toast. I put a little mayo on my bread cut some avocado, finely chopped onions, add a little Cholula, salt and pepper, or even better La Pincée Gravelax. My other favorite, smoked salmon, a bagel, cream cheese, smoked salmon, finely chopped onions, capers and again La Pincée Gravelax.

Here is another idea I found via Pinterest.
Spring roll bowls,  these look so, so good.


Thing to do and try this summer.

This summer I want to switch from chemical sunscreen, to mineral sunblock. I have very sensitive skin, and my skin has started reacting to different kinds of sunscreens. I read about mineral sunscreen this spring, found that it is better for your skin and the environment. Browsing through Target the other day I found this brand, Bare Republic. Think this is what I will buy next.

I have very straight and fine hair, there is no volume on this head. I tried a new product this spring, it gives me more volume, and when I braid my hair at night, my hair stays wavy all day, with this. The product I tried is Beach Blonde Salt Spray. I like this product, a lot. I also found that you can make it your self. (Thanks Pinterest). DIY Salt Spray.

SOURCE: Gimme Some Oven

Still in the beauty department, after a day at the beach, or in the sun, your face feels hot and dehydrated, I have the perfect refresher for you, Rose Water facial mist. Here is a DIY for you. If you are not into the DIY mood, this facial mist from Lush is really refreshing and smells so good.

SOURCE: A Girl Obsessed

Let me know what are your summer faves, or go to’s.


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