June on my iPhone

The month of June was the end of school and the beginning of summer vacation. I did not get to post like I wanted, with having the kids at home, they keep me pretty busy.

Here’s what was on my phone from June.

During the month of June I did the A Palm Tree a day challenge. I started off the month with palm trees.


Coco did his Jr. Sharks tryouts, and made the team.


Last week of school activities. We visited the Levi’s Stadium and had Kindergarden celebration. Went to the park with the 3rd graders.

To celebrate the end of the school year with the kids we went to the Santa Cruz Boardwalk.


They kids participated in swim class, and did great at it. We also spent most of our afternoons at the pool.

We also went to visit the Santa Cruz Mystery Spot and had a great time. while in Santa Cruz we took advantage, of being there and spent some time in Capitola.

Always in love with blooms, and really enjoyed having some flower on my dining table.

The last weekend of June we took a trip down to SoCal, and enjoyed 2 full days in Venice Beach. More on that trip in another post.


Hope you enjoyed a little piece inside our lives here in California. We enjoyed this 1st month of summer vacation. Next we will be visiting family in Quebec, you will be able to see some of our Quebec life.



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