July on my iPhone

The  month of July was swim lessons and our vacation back home to Montréal. Here is a little of what went on in our lives during July. I will have another post following with more on our vacation in Québec.

July 1st is Canada Day, we went out for supper, and discovered the amazing restaurant in Palo Alto. Look at that lush and green wall. It’s called Pizzeria Delfina.

July 4th is the American National Holiday. I decorated a little, for friends coming over for supper. We also went to the park for the traditional fireworks.


And then the end of swim classes. We really enjoyed this and plan on doing the same thing next year. The kids learned so much and really enjoyed themselves.


And then it was time to start packing and getting ready for our trip.


On our last day before leaving we went to the beach! Because well we needed to get our fix, since we wouldn’t be going for the next few weeks.

The next series of photos are from our trip, I will go into detail, I will be posting more about our trip in another post. To sum up our trip, we did some activities, the kids played with their friends and cousins, we ate good food and we relaxed and had fun.


Hope you enjoyed this little piece inside our lives. We had a nice vacation.


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