Trip to Montréal

Summer vacation is marked by spending time with friends and family. Embarking on this journey ment we would be apart from our friends and family. So this spring we had decided that our summer vacation would be back with everyone in Montréal.

Here is our vacation in images!

Your favorite food is sometimes what you miss when you move away. So when you come back and visit, you need to make the most of it. So we ate poutine, poutine, tartare and some ice cream.


We spent some time with friends and family. We did some super cool activities. We went on a urban aerial course adventure, and we also had a girls day out to see Le Cirque du Soleil. The boys had their night out to watch a Soccer game and a Canadian football game. We also went to climb the Mont-Saint-Hilaire. And the kids spent some time at their friends house.


I also spent time with my friend, we had an amazing Spa Day! That was a much needed relaxing day. I met up with another friend, Catherine from La Mammifère. She was sad not to be able to come to our spa day.


And here’s the Peanut always being a Princess.


A little visit of the neighborhood of Mercier, Beloeil and Montréal, from our little walks.


This one is special, the kids in front of our last appartement in Montréal, before we bought our house in the suburbs.


Here it is folks! That was our summer vacation.

Sneak peak we are planning a little trip to Tahoe for labor day weekend, watch for the pictures.


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