September on my iPhone

September was more of the routine settling in, with the kids activities and school in full swing. Here is a little review of our month from what is on my phone.

September started with our trip to Tahoe, read more about that here.


I help out in the kids classroom when I can, with field trips, computer lab, and special activities. Like this one here, where the 1st graders discovered what you get when you mix different colors together.


I received my 1st order of Oatbox, the granola is really good, I can’t wait for my next order.
Here is a link for 5$ of your 1st order.


I like to make necklaces in my spare time.


On one the warmest days of the summer, a little beach action! It was such a nice day, and we got to see a gorgeous show of whales and dolphins.


The month of September was pretty warm, we ate outside a few times. This is when Lucas decides to practice his shooting.


I did some cleaning of the backyard, here is the result.


Watching Sharks training camp before their game!


Getting ready for ballet class.


As you can see it was mostly quiet. Hope you enjoyed having a little peek inside our lives here in California.



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