October on my iPhone

During the month of October, we had very nice and sunny days at the beginning of the month, this is also the month that we had our 1st rainy days since the spring, everyone was waiting impatiently for this.

Just chilling in the sun.
Some family skatingimg_0101

We drove to San Francisco at the beginning of the month to spend some time with friend and visit a neighborhood we had not visited before, The Mission, and we finished the day at Twin Peaks, for a beautiful view of the city.

The 1st field trip of the year, was the Levis Stadium, for the 4th graders, we had a great day, of visiting and learning.

We spent a beautiful afternoon on Santana Row, to see the Glass Pumpkin festival.

It was picture day at school.

Signs of the rain coming. Everyone was so excited of this coming. We need the rain so bad in California.

The kids had a couple of days off, we went climbing and jumping. It was pouring rain, we had to find an indoor activity. We also went skating early on day, for a cou0le hour before hockey practice.img_0275

We are starting to have to wear our socks in the house, because it is getting pretty chilly, especially in the mornings. Is it to early to take out our Christmas socks?img_0280

Just some pictures taken around the neighborhood.

We spent the day in Santa Rosa, for a hockey game. The ice rink was awned by Charles M. Shultz (Charlie Brown), and there is the Peanuts Museum, next door, we took the time to visit this. The kids were really excited when we got there.

The Peanut got to hold the flag for the morning Flag Salute.

The Halloween ballet class, the girls get to wear their costumes. She was a butterfly that day.

We had a Halloween party at a friends house, I prepared some food, and we got all dressed up. It was so much fun.

We decorated only with some pumpkins, but we got home to late, nobody came to get candy. The kids had their annual Halloween parade at school. You can see the Peanut with her friend and teacher, and Coco with his friend, both had the same costume. It is so cute. We went trick or treating with some family friends and met some neighbors the kids were so excited and ran from house to house.

Hope you had a nice month!
See you all next month for another review of our month.


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