November on my iPhone

November is starting to get busier. It’s the Peanuts birthday, so we needed to get ready for that. After her birthday comes Thanksgiving and then we need to start getting ready for Christmas. We also made a trip Roseville and stop for the day in Sacramento. 

Here are our pictures for the month of November.

On November 1st Starbucks came out with the friendship cups!


Following Halloween, we had way to much candy and decided that donating it would be a good idea. We searched online and found that we could donate them to the Troupes, with kids we took half of the candy they collected and sent them out.


Mr. Hockey had a hockey game early Sunday morning, we decided to stay the night in Roseville. But Saturday we drove to Sacramento, and took the time to visit. Sacramento is the capitol of California, we got the chance to visit the State Capitol, it was very interesting. We also had a little time to visit the Railroad museum, in Old Sacramento there was a Day of the Dead celebration, we wished could stay and watched the celebration, but we were waited for dinner.


One Monday morning The Peanut had a field trip to the city farm.


I took a night off with friends and participated in Plant Nite, it was such a nice experience, I can’t wait to go back.


The sky and sunsets in California are so nice, sometimes I just take 5 minutes to stare at the sky.


Happy 7th Birthday my Peanut!


After the birthday party it’s time to take the Christmas decorations out. Slowly getting ready.


One Sunday afternoon we decided to take a drive to San Francisco, it’s an hour drive form our house. We were headed to new area for us, Sutro Baths and Land’s End. It is such a beautiful area, with magnificent views of the bay and the Golden Gate Bridge.


After our visit at Land’s End, we wanted to see the Christmas tree and Macy’s Christmas window in Union Square. We also took the time to visit the newly renovated Apple store.


Hope you enjoyed a little insight into our lives, until next month!


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