How to Grow Succulents

Growing succulents is quite easy. These grew in just 3 months. Here is a how to grow them, and how to plant them in a terrarium.

Your succulent babies will need sun, lots of sun.
Then you will need a shallow dish, with some soil, for them to sprout.


How do I get the leaves you ask? Well yes you will need a succulent plant, to make your own babies. I bought a succulent garden, and when transplanting in my pot, I collected all the leaves that fell off. I arranged them on the dirt, you just need to place them on top of the soil.
Once you have placed the leave in your dish, water the soil, so that it is lightly wet.
I put some water every 2 weeks, not too much, but they still need some water to grow.

In just a couple weeks the roots will start to appear at the end of the leaves. Shortly after baby leaves will to grow from the starting leaf.
You might want to keep the baby plants indoors for a while, unless you are in a very warm climate during the summer they would do fine outside, as soon as it gets to wet or cold they should come indoors.

After just a few months you will be able to plant your babies, you could start them in terrariums, until they grow to big.


To make your terrariums you will want to have a few glass bowls, pots or vases. You will want to plant 3-4 babies per terrarium, depending on the size of the containers and plants.

To start planting, you will want to put drainage rocks on the bottom. Then put in your soil, it should be high drainage with perlite, or mixed with sand. Now you can start planting your babies.
To make your terrarium pretty you can add shells, pebble rocks, or colored sand.


You will want to water or mist your terrariums once a week. Make sure it has time to dry in between waterings.

I think that I’ve found my new DIY obsession. Who knew that making a succulent terrariums was so easy. It’s a pretty calming activity too. Look out adult coloring books there’s a new stress-relieving trending activity!

Do you plan on doing your terrariums, now that you know how easy they are to make?


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