January Favorites

Starting a new thing here, right now I only have one monthly post, that is my monthly pictures, today I am starting a new one, monthly favorites. This will be about discoveries I made during the month, or things that I was really into during that month.

Today I thought I would start this by sharing my favorite Youtube channels. This changes regularly as content that interests me changes and the content providers change how they deliver their content.

I might be a bit slow to the game, but I have actually just (well about a year ago) discovered youtube videos, I would just go to figure out how to do something, but now I have a few regular channels I follow. Here are my favorites:

  1. Aspyn + Parker’s vlog channel, they are so cute!
  2. Aspyn’s main lifestyle channel, I like her authenticity!
  3. Shayda Campbell, I’ve just started watercolors, and calligraphy, and I just love what she does.
  4. Yoga with Adriene, well that’s just a classic, her yoga videos are just amazing!
  5. Boho Beautiful, is another yoga favorite, the videos settings are so dreamy.


Do you have any YouTube channels you love?


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