January on my iPhone

Here is our month of January in pictures.

To end a nice Christmas season, we decided to visit Christmas in the Park in San Jose.


There was a lot of crafting being done.

Winter has brought us our fair share of storms, after then we got to see some sun and blue skies. With that were some amazing sunrises.

Lilyrose tried hockey for the 1st time. I have started again, my yoga practice. Lucas is always as busy with hockey, soccer, and had a karting birthday party.

Santa Cruz

After school snack!


San Jose Woman’s March


Harlem Globetrotters


After all the bad weather we had at the beginning of the month, we had a much needed day at the beach. It was just a perfect day, everyone had a blast! We were just in time, because we are in the middle of another week of storms.

On January 31st, the kids celebrated the 100th day of school!


Hope you like having a little peek inside our busy lives. you can follow on Instagram, our daily lives.

Watch for next month post, we have a big trip coming up!


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