10 Sewing Projects to Try

I’m always looking for new projects to try. A long time ago (almost 20 years) my main hobby was sewing, I haven’t sewed in a long time, but I’ve been thinking of taking it back up.

Here are 10 projects I found on the blogosphere, that I would like to try. You can find other ideas on my Pinterest board.

To start off, here are 3 accessories to make!

Sleep mask
Source: tillyandthebuttons

Basic Zipper Pouch
Source: seekatesew

Fleece Gloves
Source: so-sew-easy

3 ideas of clothing to make. These are pretty simple things to make, when you are a beginner.

Denim dress
Source: A Beautiful Mess

Lace bralette
Source: lindaloves

Denim Jogger and Winter lounge pant

Source: feathersflights and allfreesewing

To personalize your home try making your own home decor.

Waterless Hot Water Bottle
Source: instructables

Homemade Heat pad
Source: couponsandfreebiesmom

Fabric Pouf Ottoman
Source: HGTV

Mermaid tail
Source: seekatesew

Here are the inspiration I found on Pinterest, to start sewing again. There are so many beautiful projects out there. Hope you find something to your taste.


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