2nd Wedding Anniversary

This week marks our 2 year wedding anniversary between the hubby and I. We have actually been together 20 years this year, but only married for 2, so we are not your typical newlywed couple. HaHa!

I thought I would show you some ideas I found around the web, to celebrate your anniversary.

Since year 2 is the year of cotton, I tried to find something in that realm. Here are a few gifts I found on Etsy:

Source: Etsy

Source: Etsy

Source: Etsy

Source: Etsy


How to celebrate, here are some ideas:
I especially like this one.

If your planning on having a party this is really cute.
5th-Anniversary-BBQ-Party-Good-on-Paper.jpgSource: Oh So Beautiful Paper

Our Anniversary is in the middle of the week, we have so much going on, and we haven’t gotten our way around to finding a babysitter, for the kids yet. We should try and find the way to go on a date night.
How do you celebrate your wedding anniversaries?



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