This is our Californian adventure.
We are a french Canadian family living in the silicon valley, we have enjoyed our California adventure for almost 3 years now.
We are still discovering California!
I’m Nancy and I used to work as a web producer, I’m a stay at home mom now. Dad:  is a Senior Art Director at one of the largest tech companies here in the Bay Area.
We have 2 beautiful kids coco is 10. He loves everything sports and he’s good at it. His passion is hockey, and has joined the Santa Clara Valley Blackhawks squirt travel team. We will be following him in this adventure. Then there is our Peanut she is 8. Funny that we call her Peanut, since she is allergic to peanuts, but we have always called her that. She is our wild child, she is a little girly, girl. You might see her on Youtube pretty soon.
I want to build a Blog that is all about our life + style. Our adventures and exploration but also, Style, food, DIY, healthy living and building community.