March Favorites

Another month has gone by, it’s spring and I’m loving it. I tried to find some fresh ideas for this Spring! Continue reading “March Favorites”


February on my iPhone

February was a very busy month, with Valentine’s day being huge here, it’s the hubby’s birthday and our anniversary, it was our 20th anniversary this year. We didn’t get much time to celebrate, since we were getting ready to leave for our family vacation. That took up also a lot of our time this month. Continue reading “February on my iPhone”

5 Body Products to Make Yourself

Being a stay-at-home mom, I have more time on my hands, than when I used to work full time. On this journey to find cheaper, natural, and BETTER alternatives to the cleaning I use in my home. Making your own products, is really simple, you just need a few supplies. Continue reading “5 Body Products to Make Yourself”