Another adventure, Museum of Ice Cream

Following the Color Factory, we were also very lucky to get tickets for the Museum of Ice Cream San Francisco. These tickets were very hard to come by. This was on the eve of Peanut's birthday, so it was a treat for her. There's a video of our visit here:  


Chicago Travel Diary

In November, we had a hockey tournament in the Chicago area, took advantage of that trip to visit the city, while we were there. Chicago is a really beautiful city, can't wait to go back in warmer weather. I made 2 videos of our trip. The 1st one is of the tournament itself, and the …

Summer vacation in Cancun

We booked a vacation 3 weeks in advance, there wasn't much choices left, but we got this super luxurious all-inclusive resort. A very relaxing vacation, of just easting and going to the pool, unfortunately the beach wasn't swimmable. Here are some pictures from our trip. I also made a travel diary of our trip:

2nd Wedding Anniversary

This week marks our 2 year wedding anniversary between the hubby and I. We have actually been together 20 years this year, but only married for 2, so we are not your typical newlywed couple. HaHa!